La Granja The Dice Game: No Siesta - EN Neu!2017

La Granja The Dice Game: No Siesta - EN Neu!2017

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La Granja The Dice Game: No Siesta - EN von ode Neu!2017

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La Granja: No Siesta is a standalone dice game following up the boardgame La Granja.

The players need to collect resources to cross them off on their scoring sheet in order to get the most victory points. They can hire helpers to use their special effects. They build a barn to store goods and sometimes they need to have a little time off and have a Siesta!

The dice game singles out the dice mechanism from the boardgame and transfers it into a much lighter game. Every round the players roll the dice and draft them until everybody has at least three dice to score.

Once a player completes the siesta track the game comes to an end. Whoever collected resources in the most effective way will win the game!

¡No Siesta! contains the following components:
9 dice
1 pad of player tally sheets
1 pad of score sheets
4 pencils
32 wooden disks (8 in each player color)
24 roof tiles
36 helper tiles (6 in each player color and 12 grey tiles)
1 "Siesta Track" board
1 "The Esporles Market" board
4 revenue boards (in the player colors)
1 Start Player “Pig” meeple
1 sticker sheet for the dice
1 Rulebook

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