Codenames Pictures ENGLISH Neu!2016

Codenames Pictures ENGLISH Neu!2016

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Codenames Pictures ENGLISH von Vlaada Chvatil Neu!2016

 2-8 Sp. ab 14 J.; Dauer: 15-20 Minuten

Do you know the Game of the year 2016 Codenames?

Here comes the follow-up with pictures!
What are these strange symbols on the map? They are coded locations where spies must contact secret agents!
Two rival spymasters know the agent in each location. They deliver coded messages telling their field operatives where to go for clandestine meetings. Operatives must be clever. A decoding mistake could lead to an unpleasant encounter with an enemy agent – or worse, with the assassin!

Both teams race to contact all their agents, but only one team can win.

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