Dice Brewing 2 Edition Neu!2016 EN/DE/PL

Dice Brewing 2 Edition Neu!2016 EN/DE/PL

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Dice Brewing 2 Edition von I. Huszcza & F. Glowacz Neu!2016 EN/DE/PL

2-4 Sp. ab 12 J.; Dauer: 45-90 Minuten

(D) Werde Braumeister in einer kleinen örtlichen Brauerei. Erwerbe die Rohstoffe für das Brauen der Biere. Erwerbe weiterhin Rezepte für neue Biersorten.

(GB) Dice Brewing is a dice-building game in which you manage resources and brew beer to become the beer master.
The players become brewers whose goal is to acquire the resources needed to brew many new beer recipes and then gaining the rewards that come with brewing them - gold and mastery points. To do so, each player uses their player board and two location cards (marketplace and black market) to develop their resource pool and stock their storage with certain tokens that alter the course of the game. The player who has the most mastery points at the end, wins the game.
Players will have to prove themselves by brewing various styles of beer, acquiring specific malts and hops, as well as enhancing the recipes with ingredients that will make your beers stand out. But that's not all... The Apprentices will be able to compete with each other directly, making their lives harder by using some unrefined methods!

Players manage their resources by way of 6-sided dice in 4 different colors:

Light malt: yellow dice
Dark malt: black dice
Hops: green dice
Skill: blue dice, which allow for additional effects on recipe cards and resource dice.

Players can influence the luck of the dice through a variety of cards that allow them to replace the dice, increase the value rolled, receive extra dice, buy special ingredient tokens, and buy action tokens - which can affect opponents or provide additional dice manipulation.

When a player collects the correct number of dice with the proper value, he can brew one of the available recipes and gain points, gold, or another effect. Players can also enhance recipes by throwing in additional ingredients to earn a bonus (more gold, more points).

30 beer recipe cards
14 yellow dice (light malt)
14 black dice (dark malt)
12 green dice (hops)
10 blue dice (brewing skills)
15 special ingredient tokens
3 fruits
3 spices
3 honey
3 special malt
3 special hops
18 action tokens
3 withdraw a die
3 block a building
3 block/protect a die
3 block recipe card
3 raise the value
3 extra die roll
41 coin tokens
4 workplace cards (player aides)
4 player boards
5 blocking tokens
8 seed tokens
1 season/priority token
4 storage cards
4 green wooden markers (mastery points indicator)
1 marketplace card
1 black market card
Rules (English, German, Polish)

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