Baby Blues Continues Neu!2017 multilingual

Baby Blues Continues Neu!2017 multilingual

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Baby Blues Continues von Jurgen Spreutels Neu!2017 multilingual

2-6 Sp. ab 8 J.; Dauer: 30 Minuten

(D) Weitere Probleme für mehr Spielspaß.
Nun für bis zu 6 Spieler und neuer Variante für 2 Spieler.

HINWEIS: Baby Blues Grundspiel erfoderlich!

(GB) Baby Blues Continues is an expansion for the card game Baby Blues with different parts that can be used separately or they can be combined. They are:

1) Cards allowing for play with up to six players.

2) A variant for two players: When you play the original game with two players, there are two adjustments compared to the normal game. First, you can't trade, and second, the points on the back of the cards are irrelevant. With the variant, this won't be the case anymore. Players now can trade cards with a closet and the game can end early because the babies are picked up by their parents, so both players have points to count.

3) A new type of card — the action card: On your turn, you can play the same cards as in the base game, but in addition you can play as many action cards as you want. With these cards you can transfer problems to other babies or trade babies with an opponent, making the game a little bit meaner and also more tactical.

4) A new problem — the sick baby: What will happen with a baby if you give him too much pie at a birthday party? He will become nauseous and this problem will only be solved when he vomits. The owner of the baby can choose the direction and the baby to his left or right will start crying immediately. Luckily there is medicine available, but will you be able to give it to the baby in time?

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