Claim multilingual Neu!2017

Claim multilingual Neu!2017

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Claim multilingual von Scott Almes Neu!2017

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Der König ist tot und ohne Erben, somit entscheidendie 5 Franktionen des Königreiches, wer der Nachfolger sein wird.
Du oder dein Gegner?
Sammle Anhänger aus allen Fraktionen und beanspruche den Thron.

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The King is dead! What happened? Nobody really knows, but he was found face down in a wine barrel this morning. It could have been either foul play or his own thirst that did him in. Regardless, the King is dead without any known heirs, so its up to the five factions of the realm to decide who will be the new king: will it be you or your opponent. Do you have what it takes to win over the realms factions? Claim is a royal cardgame for the throne! A trick-taking game for 2 players. A deck made of 5 unique factions (Goblins, Dwarves, Undead, Doppelgängers, Knights) with each a special power to use the game. In two steps to victory: win tricks in phase one to make your deck for phase two. Use the cards in your deck in phase two to score points.

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