Dicetopia - EN/FR/DE Neu!2018

Dicetopia - EN/FR/DE Neu!2018

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Dicetopia - EN/FR/DE von Tobias Hall Neu!2018

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The neon-clad city of Dicetopia lies before you. A seething cauldron of petty thieves, devious corporations, and ruthless smugglers. Or in other words, the city of opportunity!
Dicetopia is a quick strategic board game with heaps of variety about snatching shiny dice loot, taking over neighbourhoods and completing sneaky missions.The game has a randomized set-up and comes with 10 different factions, 40 unique missions and 10 game-changing scenarios to make sure no game ever feel the same!

* 1 game board
* 1 score track
* 30 dice
* 24 cubes
* 4 faction boards
* 10 faction cards
* 40 mission cards
* 10 scenario cards
* 1 rules of play

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