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Bamboo EN/ES/CA/IT/PT von Germán P. Millán

2-4 Sp., ab 14 J., Dauer: 90 min.

  • Resources management game
  • Harvest bamboo and find balance in your home to win the game. May the spirits be with you!

In Bamboo, you become members of a family that cultivates bamboo and makes use of the fruits of their labor to take care of the entire family. The players collect bamboo, decorate their houses, offer incense to the temple spirits and all the while must keep their families fed and their houses in balance. To do this, you must choose your actions and use your resources carefully. 

This is an action management and tile optimization game that is both accessible and deep. Don’t be fooled by the size of the box: Bamboo is a big, puzzly game full of challenges. Accessible to all, yet provides enormous depth of play. With accessible and easy-to-learn rules, Bamboo is a very versatile title that will fit into any shelves. However, behind its apparent simplicity lies great strategic depth, with plenty of options available to players. In addition, Bamboo has an advanced game mode on the back of the personal boards, which will give the games an extra level of demand. 

Bamboo games are made up of 4 years or rounds, which in turn are divided into 4 phases or seasons. On their turns, players will burn incense in temples to seek favor from the spirits, and use bamboo shoots to perform actions such as seeking balance, cooking, home improvement, or managing finances.

Following the doctrines of the home balance discipline allows for better optimization of home tiles, making it a fundamental pillar for progressing through the game. To score balance tiles you must use the balance action and follow the pattern indicated on the tile, which always has something to do with the type of home tiles you get during the game. There are four classes of home tiles: decoration, garden, faith, or useful. Depending on how they place them on their board, players will earn happiness points.

In addition to managing the household, players will need to prepare for when tough times come. To get through the winter, it will be necessary to feed the family members with the tea, rice or ramen that has been prepared and stored in the previous season. And all this without forgetting to honor spirits and ancestors in the temples. The player who has made the largest offering of incense in each sacred space will receive the favor of one of the seven spirits of the forest, as a token of thanks. Spirit tiles, in addition to helping players throughout the game, offer bonus points in the final phase based on the number of different spirits in each player's play area.

Inhalt: 1 game board, 4 personal boards, 64 home tiles, 68 balance tiles, 2 tile dispensers, 21 spirit of the forest tiles, 4 temple tile, 4 gift from the forest tiles, 1 starting player marker, 1 phase marker, 36 Bamboo Shoot pieces, 51 Coins worth, 26 Food counters, 4 Happiness markers, 4 action markers, 29 sticks of incense,

1 rulebook EN/ES/CA/IT/PT (Keine deutsche Version)

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