Ierusalem Multilingual

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Ierusalem Anno Domini! EN/ES/CA/IT/PT von Carmen García Jiménez

1-4 Sp., ab 12 J., Dauer: 90 min.; Sprachen: ESP, ENG, ITA, POR, CAT

  • gehobenes Kennerspiel
  • expert, mid-weight eurogame
  • set collection, worker placement, deck construcion
  • also payable solo
  • Spielmaterial sprachneutral / language independent (Ausnahme: Namen, Spielerübersicht / except: names / player summarye)

Travel 2000 years back in time to re-live one of the most influential episodes in Western history: The Last Supper.
Players control one of the different communities of followers of Jesus that inhabit the city, collecting stones, bread, fish and dinars while trying to become the most influential group by sitting their followers closest to Jesus and the apostles.
The goal of the game is to gain points sitting your followers at the table of the Last Supper. The closer they are to the apostles and to Jesus himself, the more victory points they will provide at the end of the game. The parabola tiles that we have accumulated, or the offering tokens will also give us points.

Different locations are shown on the board: the market, the desert, the mountain, the lake and the temple. After sending our followers to one of these locations, we will obtain stones, bread and fish, as well as denarii or cards that will allow us to do more than one action. Among these actions, players will be able to choose between listening to a parable, going to the table, changing seats or doing a favor, among others. All this will happen while the patience of the Sanhedrin runs out. When this happens, symbolized by a tile moving in a marker, the endgame is triggered.

However, the main element of the game is the cards. Each card has a symbol corresponding to one of five key locations in the game. As you play them, combinations will be formed that will allow us to bring the apostles to the table of the Last Supper. The optimal placement of our followers around Jesus and the apostles will also be done through the management of letters, as well as various resources at our disposal.

Ierusalem is an intelligent mix of mechanics which includes deckbuilding, resource management and worker placement. The immersive game and interesting decisions will appeal to a broad audience and become a must-have for the most zealous gamers. Players will have a wide range of possibilities at their fingertips and multiple ways to earn victory points.

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