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Maracaibo (English Version) von Alexander Pfister

1-4 Sp. ab 12 J.; Dauer: 30Min.

The new, card managed board game by Alexander Pfister, Maracaibo, takes players into the Caribbean of the 17th century, into a colorful world full of adventure and tactical possibilities.

Different nations struggle for supremacy and try to expand and consolidate their political and economic power. As seafarers, players will do everything they can to increase their reputation, build influential connections, and thus achieve fame and fortune. But only those who can implement their plans most profitably will win. Various strategies can help you to realize your plans: building your own boat into a powerful ship, fighting battles, hijacking other boats, starting expeditions, completing quests, etc. And above all lies the spell of the fast end: The end of a game round can happen unexpectedly and much faster than planned!

In Maracaibo, players will also find a unique story mode, which means that Maracaibo can also be played as a campaign, experiencing an exciting story along the way. Surprises can always have an impact on the game.


  • 1 Main Board
  • 4 Player Tables
  • approx. 175 Tiles
  • 4 Overview Tables
  • approx. 265 cards
  • approx. 205 Wooden Pieces
  • 1 rulebook

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