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Heat: Pedal to the Metal - EN von  Asger Harding Granerud & Daniel Skjold Pedersen
2022 Golden Geek Medium Game of the Year / Best Thematic Game of the Year

1-6 Sp., ab 10 J., Dauer: 30-60 min.

The countdown begins and sudden deep roars cut through the air as all the cars leap away from their starting lines; the Grand Prix is underway. Dust and wind rush past your helmet as you enter the first corner. Pushing your engine to the limit, you almost spin out but tightening your grip on the steering wheel you slide through the corner apex still in first. You got this!

To stay at the front of the pack, you'll need to push your car to the limit. Will your car endure the long straightaways or will your engine fail in the last curve because you've taken too much HEAT?

Based on simple and intuitive hand management, Heat: Pedal to the Metal puts you in the driver’s seat of intense car races. You are jockeying for position to cross the finish line first, while managing your car’s speed if you don’t want to overheat. Experience the thrill of a single race or use the Championship System to play a whole season in one game night, customizing your car before each race to claim the top spot of the podium.

Add legendary automated drivers with the Legends Module so you can play solo, or add them as additional opponents in multiplayer games.

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