Star Wars Outer Rim Game Mat (FFG) Neu!2019

Star Wars Outer Rim Game Mat (FFG) Neu!2019

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Star Wars Outer Rim Game Mat (FFG) Neu!2019

If you hope to turn your legacy into legend on the Outer Rim, you’ll have to be prepared for anything. A true legend uses every available tool to survive another day in an increasingly dangerous galaxy—and they just might be able to make a profit along the way.
Create your own legend with the Star Wars™: Outer Rim Game Mat for use with Star Wars: Outer Rim!

Organize your games of Outer Rim with this 26” x 36” rubber slipresistant game mat, the perfect companion to the game of mercenaries,
bounty hunters and smugglers for one to four players!

Basic game is needed to play

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