Gamegenic - PRIME Standard Card Game Sleeves 66mm x 91 mm - Clear (50 Sleeves)

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Gamegenic - PRIME Standard Card Game Sleeves 66mm x 91 mm - Clear (50 Sleeves)

For card size up to 64x89 mm

Board game cards suffer from frequent shuffling and heavytouching, therefore their protection should be of hugeinterest to any devoted board gamer. These board gamesleeves provide a premium protection and still keep a greatshuffle feel. The extra clear polypropylene material displaysall cards 100% translucent and clear. The reinforced thicknessof 100 microns adds weight and strength to all cardsand provides a premium appearance.
The well-known and established Sleeve Color Codes byFantasy Flight Games™ are continued in this product line.
Players will recognize the proven color system and find newsizes with new color codes.

Suitable for standard-sized cards

Color Code: Gray

Card Size 64x89

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