Gamegenic - MATTE Square-Sized Sleeves 73mm x 73 mm - Clear (50 Sleeves)

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Gamegenic - MATTE Square-Sized Sleeves 73mm x 73 mm - Clear (50 Sleeves)

Board game cards suffer from frequent shuffling and heavytouching, therefore their protection should be of huge interestto any devoted board gamer. These board game sleeves providea premium protection and still keep a great shuffle feel. Withtheir matte lamination, these sleeves block annoying reflectionsto ensure that cards are clearly visible from all angles and avoidsymptoms of eye fatigue during gameplay. The reinforced thicknessof 100 microns adds weight and strength to all cards andprovides a premium appearance.
The wellknownand established Sleeve Color Codes by FantasyFlight Games™ are continued in this product line.
Players willrecognize the proven color system and find new sizes with newcolor codes.

Color Code: Blue

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