Goblivion - EN/FR Neu!2019

Goblivion - EN/FR Neu!2019

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Goblivion - EN/FR von Jean-François Gauthier Neu!2019 EN/FR
1-2 Sp ab 12 J.; Dauer: 30 Minuten

Goblivion is a solo or cooperative card game based on a castle siege. Players team up to repel the attack of goblins and trolls. Your survival depends on your peasants training for combat. According to the cards that will be dealt to you, you will have to make heartbreaking choices and implement a long-term strategy or else, the Bosses will eat you raw! In Goblivion, you take on the role of a King or Queen grappling with a Kingdom invaded by loathsome Goblins and Trolls.
You will start the game with your Kingdom: simple peasants who are represented by cards. YOU will have to decide how to train them in combat in order to increase your chances of defending the castle. The game is about planning, strategy and tactical combat. It implies tough decisions, painful sacrifices and a dose of luck!

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