MTG Commander Legends Commander Deck DE

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MTG - Commander Legends Commander Deck DE

ab 13 J.;

deutsche Version; entweder 1x Aesi, Tyrann der Wirbel-Meerenge oder Wyleth, Seele des Stahls

MTG Commander Legends Commander Deck (2 versions)
“Booster Draft meets Commander”
It's the very first booster product made for Commander and the first to combine the two beloved formats—Commander and Booster Draft.
The set features many known planes and characters as well as new ones. These cards can be from anywhere in space and time in the Multiverse: from Lorwyn to Alara, from the tales of the original Weatherlight Crew to present day.

Content per deck:
1 Premium card
99 Regular cards
10 Double Sided Tokens
1 information insert
1 life tracker

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