Space Bowl (multilingual) Neu!2019

Space Bowl (multilingual) Neu!2019

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Space Bowl (multilingual) von Stéphane Brachet Neu!2019

2-8 Sp. ab 8 J.; Dauer: 30 min.

Avid adventurers, driven to discover something new, have decided to fly into the unknown, in search of a viable new planet, where they can start all over again. Space Bowl is a competitive, simultaneous game, with no turns. As quickly as possible, you must identify a habitable constellation in the galaxy, based on a known pattern of planetary positions. +++ PLAYING THE GAME+++ 1. In the Board Computer box, launch the marbles corresponding to the planets visible at the top of the deck of cards + the Destination wooden disc. Each element must then be in one of the 9 spaces of the box. 2. Look at the galaxy (a square of 5x5 cards) searching for the same pattern as in the Board Computer box. 3. If you find a valid solution, say "Go!" And count down 10 seconds for other players. At 0, all players who think they have a solution (a card of the galaxy) validate the card with their finger. /// If you do not find a valid solution, say "We'll all die!" And count down 10 seconds for other players. At 0, all players who think they have a solution validate the point with their finger. Those who think like you that there is no valid solution indicates it by flipping a token. 4. Players receive victory points based on their success. They can also lose points in case of failure.

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