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The Ruhr (II) A Story of Coal Trade von Thomas Spitzer EN

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eine Geschicht über den Kohlehandel an der Ruhr /Ruhrgebiet

You are transported to the Ruhr region in the 18th century, at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Coal, after being discovered in Haspelknecht: The Story of Early Coal Mining, is in high demand as the cities and factories throughout the region are in need of this coveted resource. Transport along the Ruhr River presented a convenient route of transportation from the coal mines. The first coal barges reached Kettwig in the spring of 1770. After delivery of the coal, the empty barges were drawn back upstream by horses. As time progressed, larger barges were created and were able to reach the mouth of the Rhine River at Ruhrort.

However, it was difficult to navigate the Ruhr due to the number of large dams at mills and low dams for fishing. Once a coal barge reached a dam, the coal had to be transferred to another barge. This significantly decreased the quality of the coal – sometimes only “coal dust” reached the destination. However, building locks along the Ruhr River changed this.
The Ruhr remained an important route for coal until the end of the 19th century. At that time, the railway superseded it.


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