Auf der Walz - DE/EN Neu!2019

Auf der Walz - DE/EN Neu!2019

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Auf der Walz - DE/EN von Jimmy Maas Neu!2019

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Auf der Walz follows the travels of a craftsman during their “journeyman years”. The game takes place in the second half of the 19th century, even if this tradition dates back to medieval times and is still alive in German-speaking countries today.
A journeyman has to be “Auf der Walz” (very roughly translated as “on the road”) for 3 years and 1 day without ever venturing closer than 50 kilometers to home. On their travels, the journeyman wears a traditional dress: flared pants, waistcoat, jacket, black hat (as a symbol for freedom), the “Stenz”
(traditional curled hiking pole), and the “Charlottenburger” (the coarse cloth used to wrap up belongings, similar to a bindle). The journeymen work for people they meet on their journey to gather technical and social experiences. Auf der Walz is a travel game with resource management. Like life on the Walz, it includes uncertainty and random elements.
The driving engine of the game is a deck of cards. Each journeyman has six cards per year (and an additional card for the last day) and conducts actions with them: travelling, working, leisurely pursuits
(music, writing, and painting), and finding travel mates, etc.
The author Jimmy Maas himself was “Auf der Walz” many years ago.
Auf der Walz is big, beautiful, and unique! Only 500 copies will be ever made!

1 start area, 36 landscape tiles, 7 city boards, 1 storage and scoring board, 200 “scantlings”, 165 playing cards, 4 “tally sticks”, 4 “Charlottenburger”, 4 playing figures, 28 “Scheniegelei” markers, 4 “foot it” markers, 4 earring markers, 4 victory points markers, 12 fate tiles, 28 town seal markers, 28
marker pieces, 68 Thaler coins, 5 special markers, 12 dice, 7 plastic stands for news cards, 4 player aids (backprinted in English and German), 2 glossaries (1 each in English and German), 2 rules books (4 each in English and German)

Achtung! Für Kinder unter 3 Jahren nicht geeignet.
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