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Polynesia EN/SP von Peer Sylvester

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From a purely mechanical standpoint Polynesia is a pretty abstract game. However, that doesn’t mean I picked the theme at random. About 30,000 years ago people started to migrate eastwards and settle on the islands of the Pacific. This was no small feat, since they didn’t use any maps or compasses to do so. Instead, the seafarers were very observant, navigating using the colour of water, the direction of the waves, the dominant direction of the wind, the types and migration of fish etc. This information are passed within families and clans and helped conquer the Pacific.
I used to sail and I was always fascinated by this incredible achievement. This game is meant as a testimony to those brave seafarers. My creative liberty is the volcano. The ancient Polynesians were driven by curiosity and the search of new land, not by a concrete threat. It’s in the game solely for game purposes.

Per Sylvester

Includes 182 wooden pieces

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