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The Stygian Society - EN von Kevin Wilson

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The Stygian Society is a cooperative cube tower adventure. Instead of rolling dice, players drop cubes matching their selected skills into the tower. Some cubes will stick inside, but players and game-controlled enemies alike can use cubes that fall from the tower’s mouth. Cubes landing in the fenced crypt count double! Defeat the evil wizard on the top floor and become legends!

Instead of rolling dice to defeat enemies, players drop cubes into the tower. The cubes are dependent on which skills the player has selected for the hero. Cubes are also dropped into the tower for the enemies they are battling. Players perform actions for themselves and their enemies as cubes fall out of the tower. Cubes may fall directly down, or become dislodged only to fall out on a future turn. Some cubes may even fall into the crypt, where they will count double.

Contents: 1 cube tower• 1 crypt• 1 field board• 1 status board• wooden status board tracking tokens (1 luck, 2 wounds, 2 experience, 1 peril)• 1 knight figure• 18 enemy figures• 30 hero cubes (10 each in white, blue, and green)• 30 enemy cubes (10 each in red, black, and yellow)• 8 large wound tokens• 20 small wound tokens• 4 hero mats• 4 mid-boss mats• 4 wizard mats• 26 room cards (13 lower, 13 upper)• 21 enemy cards (7 each in red, black, and yellow)• 25 chest cards• 40 treasure cards (20 lower, 20 upper)• 60 hero skill cards (15 for each hero)• 48 status tokens (16 each in white, blue, and green)• 16 status cards (4 for each hero)

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