Zoop - EN/SP/FR/DE Neu!2019

Zoop - EN/SP/FR/DE Neu!2019

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Zoop - EN/SP/FR/DE von Pere Valero Neu!2019

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Zoop is a fun discard game in which the players must use their wits and skills to combine their animals and win the game. During their turn, players have to discard one card that shares at least two of the three characteristics — number of animals, color, and type of animal — of the last card played. Players can also use special cards that help them in their game.

The first player to run out of cards wins!

Achtung! Für Kinder unter 3 Jahren nicht geeignet.
Erstickungsgefahr, da dieser Artikel Kleinteile enthalten kann, die verschluckt oder eingeatmet werden können.

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