Black Hat - EN/DE Neu!2019

Black Hat - EN/DE Neu!2019

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Black Hat - EN/DE von Timo Multamäki & Thomas Klausner Neu!2019

2-6 Sp. ab 10 J.; Dauer: 45 min.

Hack the system and steal the data before anyone knows you’re there!

Black Hat is a hacker themed board game for 2-6 players:
• a random/evolving game board
• progress through winning rounds that helps but doesn't ensure that the first player to finish wins
• elements from climbing games
• language independent game

In the game play trick-taking is the main mechanic, but you can win the gameby winning just a few tricks, if you win just the ones that makes the most foryour game.

In the world of network security, a Black Hat is a hacker who defeats computer systems for personal gain. These rogue data jockeys pit themselves against the most secure systems in the world for the thrill of it (and maybe to make a little money on the side). However, the mosts killed hackers know it’s not about getting there first, it’s about ghosting in and out of the system without leaving a trace.

• 85 Cards
• 1 Game board
• 12 Hacker pawns (top hat shaped, wooden)
• 6 Scoring pawns (wooden discs)
• 6 Two-sided block tiles (each with 4 locations)
• 4 Reference cards
• 1 Tracer card, a tracer token and marker for tracer player
• 2 Rulebooks(English, German)

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