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Mini Monfa v. A. Dessi & F. Attoli

2 Sp., ab 7 J., Dauer: 20 min.

Fantasy card game.It's hard time for being a monster!
Rules: GB

Hidden in their den, in the narrowest tunnels or in the dungeon of some ancient castle, the monsters' life is endangered by the "heroes" - remorseless, bloodthirsty adventures constantly un search for treasures.
And if also the mighty Archmages fancy themselves with the hapless monsters, while battling their own millennia long struggle, what will be the fate of the little MiniMonfas?

Achtung! Für Kinder unter 3 Jahren nicht geeignet.
Erstickungsgefahr, da dieser Artikel Kleinteile enthalten kann, die verschluckt oder eingeatmet werden können.

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