Premium USA Chimera Game Sleeves (50pcs) 57,5x89mm -7078

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Premium USA Chimera Game Sleeves (50pcs) 57,5x89mm -7078

Neu und original verpackt in Zipptüte (50 Hüllen / Pack).

  • Custom crafted for cards sized: 57.5x89mm
  • Best fit in the industry!
  • 100% Archival Safe
  • Acid-Free
  • PVC-Free
  • Clear Polypropylene

Premium Protection

  • Thickness: 90 microns.
  • Protection level: Indestructible!
  • Great for the serious collector or gaming enthusiast with serious protection in mind.

Popular for use with:

  • Arkham Horror™
  • Descent™
  • Runebound™
  • Many more!

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