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Globalization Neu!2011 Serious on the strategy... heavy on the humor. Build your global company at a time.
2-6 Sp. ab 12 J.; Dauer: 120 Minuten.


Globalization brings the exciting world of big business into your living room. You are the head of a multinational corporation with one goal in mind: to make money. Outbid your competitors to acquire businesses within six dierent industries and grow your conglomerate. Streamline operating costs, build additional factories, sue your competitors or take one of your subsidiaries public for big returns. Your corporate strategy will impact which companies you buy and how to take your corporation worldwide. The synergy that comes from the right company combinations increases your perceived net worth. The first to reach a billion in net worth wins!


1 Globalization Board
1 Company Handbook
36 Company Cards
110 Assets Cards
55 Debt Cards
20 Factory Markers
6 sets of 28 Player Pieces
1 wooden Interest Die

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